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A public bathroom that is accessible but well-hidden; a primo location for uninterrupted pooping.
"Dude, there's a secret shitter in the basement of McKeldin Library! I violently diarrhea'd all OVER that thing and nobody ever knew!"
by Henry Stockton April 25, 2010
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People who have a weird phobia about shitting in public places, including restrooms. If they absolutly have to shit, they go to lengths to make sure no one knows that they have shat, which they always fail at because their guilty little faces lets the world know anyways.
"Oh god I just can't wait... looks like it's time for secret shitters again."
by imighthaveknown August 20, 2005
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A secret shitter is one who poops more then the normal person, yet denies even pooping once.

Mike Taylor has been caught doing this evil thing atleast 5 times. Many more instances have happend where people think he was shitting but couldnt be sure, but he has been caught in the act 5 times or more.

He has been known to cover up pooping with excuses such as "Im brushing my teeth" or "Im taking a shower"

Chris- Mike i know your shitting
Mike- No im not im brushing my teeth
Chris- Yeah sure, just admit it
Mike- Im gonna cock back my arm and act like im gonna hit you while looking stupid.
Chris-Yeah whats new you secret shitter.

by Christopher G. Webb February 25, 2009
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An employee who intentionally goes out of their way to a restroom in the different part of the building to take a dump because they think no one will notice them.
Another secret shitter just went in to stink up our restroom.
by rockinreno April 08, 2010
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