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A neighborhood in Mahopac, NY, named for the lake at the edge of the neighborhood. This neighborhood is known for its drugs, scum of the earth residents (known as Secorians) and annoying teenage boys. Residents of Secor (especially the teenage boys) are known for smoking weed, skateboarding, biking, and ding dong ditching at ungodly hours of the night. Most Secorians are scum, white trash, dipshits, jackasses, uncultured swines, druggies, alcoholics, and just plain stupid. If you live in Secor, get out and go join a more civilized neighborhood before you die young.
Isn't it obvious that Jason, Jaydon, Avery, and Harris are from Secor? They are stupid as fuck pot smoking skater kids!
by Bitcharoux November 24, 2018
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Dang, there are so many pot smoking skater kids in Secor! At least most of them are hot
by depresso expresso January 05, 2019
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Mahopac, NY is a town in Putnam County New York and is home to a neighborhood of white trash known simply as Secor. Secor is a destitute part of the town, home to ignorance and apathy. Families that live here generally leech off the government and sell drugs on their front lawns.

Unfortunately, students of Mahopac High School are badgered by and are forced to endure chants of "SEEEECOR" while walking thru the hallways by students that come from this section of town. Secorians have an interest in hooking up cars they can never afford and eating the worst pizza on earth. The pizza is from Danny's and it is popular only because it is within walking distance of a Secorian shack. No Secorian can afford a car, only maybe a dirt bike with bad exhaust.

If you fail miserably at life you will most likely move here. You will then marry an unemployed, fat, mustached lady and fall into a never ending rut of alcohol abuse and dependence on the government.

None one from Secor will ever see this because they can't afford the internet and/or read.
Oh that blows, you live in Secor? You must be poor and stinky.

Hey let's drop out of school because people don't get us then do mad drugs, like pharmies, get addicted and move to Secor where there are other people like us.

Hey man did you just fart? Oh nevermind, we are in Secor, let's get out of here.
by Mike Denoblie May 29, 2007
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A fucking asshole whole,( while at lunch) throws fucking tomatoes on your godamm shirttt!!! Forcing to walk around the whole day with a big ass stain on shirt. The after throwing tomatoes on your shirt, He dips your backpack into a plate of oil & vinegar. What a duece bag!!!!!!!!
Why did that guy act like such a secor
by tisrobeans April 28, 2010
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