A person who runs a second virtual life, useally under a different name on a mass multiplayer online role play game such as WoW or Guild Wars. Useally this person rejects their freinds and social life in order to continue with this second life
"Dave never comes out anymore, he's too busy with his second life"

"Dave is always playing on World of Warcraft, that guy has a second life"
by John Oliver April 28, 2007
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a video - game that takes too much space, leaves corrupt files when deleted, and spends tons of moneh in adverts. Seriously?? half my screen?? Google needs AdBlock. I cunt handle this shit.
Not to mention, this game is nothing like the ads, It sux... Terribly... worse than my mom.
take a look at the GIF yourself
My computer has no life after I downloaded Second Life
Do you know what's worse than Fartnite??? Second Life
via giphy
by SNUBBED July 29, 2019
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Second life is the landfill of the world wide web. A place to go when you want to act out a life that would otherwise get you locked up, killed or possibly leave with one if not many deadly infections. The one positive or useful feature on the website that is the fact that if you are looking for a murderer or child rapist and have the resources to monitor second life for a single 72 hour period then you are almost guaranteed to find them them there.
Did you see the news last night about the cops catching a murderer on second life?. They also found a pedo two lost goats and a guy wanted for raping a horse too.
by saharadryhumor January 19, 2015
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when you have so much excitment and interesting things happening you cant fit it into just one life. its a life revolving around new people and new talents. neither life is very aware of the other.
Bro did you hear Chris is a lacrosse skater in his first life and a BMXing Hip hop dancer in his second life?
by MaxLax34 January 06, 2009
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Second Life. The popular video game played by those who have indeed no life once so ever or have ruined there first one.
by Smith McCool February 28, 2018
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