The combination of having a high BAC and motorboating a girl causing ones self to vomit on the girls breasts.
Guy 1: I can hardly remember last night... I woke up with throw up all over my face and shirt. Guess it was a productive night haha.

Guy 2: ... You threw up all over Catherine's grade A tits after she allowed you to motorboat. Must've gotten Sea Sickness dude.
by Snicklebritz October 1, 2012
You get Sea Sick when you have sex with a fat chick, the waves move up and down and back and forth and up and down
Oh, I got so sea sick last night,
I had sex with a fat chick,
Sea sick?
From all the waves, back and forth up and down, it made me sick to my stomach to think about it.
by CacheXT December 30, 2005
A term used by the Blood Gang, indigenous to the compton section of los angeles, to their hate towards their rivals, the Crip Gang.

Sea Sick also spelled "C-Sick" explains that the letter C makes them sick to the point of being descusted
1) Ay Blood, U C-Sick?
2) BLOOD 1: Iz you sick nigga?
BLOOD 2: Yea B im C-Sick
3) BLOOD: Iz you sick nigga?
CRIP: Yea i got da "flue" fool!
by babyboyshady August 31, 2004
The remorse you feel after downloading a pirated video that spoils a game/book/or movie series.
I shouldn't have downloaded the leaked Halo 4 ending, I'm so Sea Sick about it right now.
by TheKeyster October 14, 2012
Taking the tobacco out of a cuban cigar and replacing it with marijuana.
You can smoke a philly if you want but I prefer a sea-sick Cuban.
by Charlie T. August 29, 2009
When one gets a handjob on a couch/ sofa in front of their friends parents
Yeah, he got a sea sick Steve in front of Emma's mum!
by Ryzo surprizo February 28, 2016
When you’re eating ass and throw up in someone’s asshole.
Friend - “I’m horny, but I just ate.”
Me - “Don’t worry, you can just hit me with that sea sick starfish.”
by The Vagician (I do Vagic) December 9, 2022