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A person who is deemed dirty, disgusting, nasty or trife due to physical appearance and/or personality
-Would you ever date him?
-*Ewww, no. His hair is greasy and he doesn't shower.
-That's so true! He is kind of scutty.
by yang yang chi August 29, 2010
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Mixture of dutty and scuzzy, meaning gross/disgusting/dirty/grim/unpleasant
Charlie: Why don't you start speaking to Hannah?
Rob: No chance, she is scutty

Jake: Those shoes are so nice!
Henry: No jake, they are scutty
by Robfenny May 27, 2015
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A derogatory term for a female of the underclass. Implies lack of hygiene and that the girl is an "easy lay".
Urgh, what a scutty bint.
by Tom John August 06, 2005
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a dirty person that usually lives on a council estate. but not everyone who lives on a council estate is scutty, its not that they are poor it is the lack of washing and how they talk and how they treat others that we all hate.
although he is poor we dont call him scutty because he washes and is nice.
we call her scutty because she doesnt wash and is horrible.
by spanksy February 27, 2005
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Degrading word to refer to women combining words slit and cutty. Most likely dirty vagina.
by TheOrloffSloth December 23, 2010
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