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1.A mixture between the verbs Cuddle and Snuggle.
2. Pure creativity
-Jenni loves when her Booboobooboo comes over to scuggle because Snuggling is not enough and cuddling is physically uncomfortable.

Brieft History:
Given birth on February 14, 2007 by Prince Ofer Zmora and Princess Boosh (aka Dr. Jennifer Ann Thornton Cullen) the term Scuggling began to spread across the United Kingdom (Wales/England...not Britain) and North America (Not only the United States, Also Mexico and Canada). Initially, the term came to existance when one of the two inventors (names shall remain confidential for this part), attempted to say Snuggle and Cuddle together and spitted out a vague mixture of the two. "Scuggle" caught many people's attention worldwide in the first two days of use. Facebook's Spokesmen had reported 2,000,000,000,000 incidences and People's Magazine titled it "The word of the year", saying that it changed millions of people's sex life and sleep experiences with another partner. It was also said that Britney Spears scuggled with her hair after shaving it off. Big fucking news.
Scuggle is now an official word on many foreigners' favorite website, and can be found in Webster Dictionary as well as Mac's Personal Computer Dictionary. The two inventors are to recieve a Noble Peace prize for their efforts to make our dying society better.
by Ofer zmora April 17, 2007
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