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Genderless noun to identify someone who lives on the edge of society and consistently finds himself in awkward situations. 'scrunnies' are destined to mess up everything they do in life. 'scrunny' is a derogatory term and often linked with the origin of these individuals, an unidentified place coined 'scrunville'. A 'scrunny' that manages to be successful in life despite their condition, or who is the leader of a pack of 'scrunnies' can be called 'Don Scrunny'.
"My friend's a sock and sandal-wearing self-proclaimed botanist, and a proper scrunny"
"Ulysses lost his wallet again, what a scrunny'
"Go back to Scrunville and leave me alone, scrunny!"
by Skeer&Scrunny July 13, 2018
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