something with a superbly fantastic taste that leaves you so speechless, you start talking in Dr. Seuss-like words; tending mostly towards chocolate-related foods; originating from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
"How's that chocolate bar?"
"Ohhh, it's scrumdidilyumtious!"

"How was your meal?"
"It was scrumdidilyumptious."
by Kelso C December 16, 2008
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to be very tasty or good-looking, (can be used in a non- food related way!)
* hot girl struts by *
guy 1: damn that girl is fine...
guy 2: yes..indeed she is scrumdidilyumptious!
guy 1: umm ye.
by littleyumyum October 14, 2005
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Something that is looking very juicy, tasty, yummy, plump, pleasent.. etc.
"Nem grew a very big smile after seen the very scrumdidilyumptious pile of steaming cock flopping around all over the place"
by :):) June 24, 2006
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