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(Canadian Military Slang) A pejorative noun used to describe a person of low social and economic standing. Implies ill- mannered behaviour.Not to be confused with the common bum, scrouts are the product of at least 4 generations' breeding of the chronically unemployable underclass. Seepikey.Can be seen smoking and spitting outside of Giant Tiger stores, Pay-Day loan outlets, and off-track betting parlours. Scrouts can come from any ethnic background, but are primarily Caucasian.While largely illiterate, scrouts are generally capable of signing their names to requisite forms Welfare applications, Bail/Peace Bonds. Scrouts, being devoid of civilised notions of hygiene, are known to use Morning-Urine as an antiseptic for any number of ailments, ranging from Athlete's foot to halitosis. Identifying features include Fubu clothing, Pitbull Terrier and Fetal-Alcohol Syndrome.Best avoided
Scrout: Yo, spare some change for food for my pitbull?
Me: Change comes from within your heart, my friend.
Scrout(confused): What?!?
Me: Geta job you fucking Scrout!
Scrout: Fuck You (shuffles off, dejected)
Me: Yeah, yeah (throws pennies)
by flagrantviolator May 16, 2007
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A command given to an unwanted person attempting to join in a conversation between two or more people. 'Scrout' is a hybrid of 'Scrape Out'.
Mark: So anyway, do you want to go to the cinema?
Paul: I'd love to, that sure would be swell.
Sam: Can I come too?
Mark & Paul: SCROUT!
by scrout-dude November 20, 2010
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Noun used to denote a person of low station and breeding, usually the product of at very least 4 generations of unadulterated underclass ancestry.Although scrouts are to be found in every racial grouping, they are most often of Caucasian descent, (often with Aboriginal blood). Normally illiterate, the scrout is nonetheless able to sign it's name to official documentation, such as bail/peace bond recognizances and Welfare applications.Averse to all conventional ideas of hygiene, this creature often uses morning-urine as a disinfectant for innumerable ailments ranging from cold sores to trench-foot. Equivalent in every way to the bits of fecal matter that collect under their untrimmed fingernails whilst rooting around in their illegitimate child's diaper for food.
Scrout: Yo, spare some change so I can buy my PitBull some food?
Me: I can't spare any change, change comes from within, my friend.
Scrout (confused): what?
Me (throwing pennies): Get a job, fuckin' SCROUT!
by flagrantviolator May 14, 2007
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