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Noun; The loud, high-pitched scream of a hawk, meaning, "fuck you."
Verb; this is when the scream is directed towards you, so, "fuck you."

2; SCREEEEEEE! lol bro it keeps screeing at you.


guys it's 4:30 in the morning, stop screeing at each other.
by All-Star492 April 02, 2015
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The mating/greeting/farewell call that Freaks and Weirdos all over generate when overexcited.
by Can_of_Pringles August 22, 2017
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1. Used to express anger or frustration
2. Used to refer to a 1337 person
3. Used to insult another person
4. Used to refer to anyone who is a member of Scree
5. A geologic term used to refer to tallus slopes
6. A mathematical term used to represent a constant, which isn't constant
7. Whatever you feel like making it mean
1. Oh scree!
2. He's not a n00b, he's a scree
3. You stupid scree!
4. He's a scree
5. The scree was very large
6. Scree=6
7. Then I screed a scree
by Grebnets Smith March 10, 2004
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Pronounced (skree)

1. a pile of rubble.

2. A mass of small loose stones that form or cover a slope on a mountain.

3. A slope covered with such stones.

4. A load of Bullshitocki
LOOKOUT!!! There's scree comming down that mountian!

Panned with the scree's in the water, they've found golden flakes. We Should Castle Miner this thing out!

Honey, do you need me to take care of this scree? It's starting to smell like dead ass sliding threw scampers garage!

The way the sun reflected off the flakey scree blinded the hikers.

Using John Doe as and Example:

John D is so full of liars scree, they're going to have to find a new continent to fit the load he uses to get women into bed, lying to the next girl hoping to get out of what he did to the previous one.

Girl, that scree needs to quit talking about his balls so much. Everybody knows they've been logged up the taint pouch hiding for the last decade!

An all barking scree means: A babbling brook full of little stones. Like floater on the surface cause it's without weight.
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