The horse you get in Red Dead Online when your horse dies. Absolute shit stats, and ugly as hell. Also known to some as "Scrawny Fag"
Bruh, I don't want Scrawny Nag.
by Oofpacitomos September 14, 2019
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A Menace to society. Devourer of worlds. The reason the once thriving, growing, and popular bustling town of Armadillo is now in dissaray and plague. One day the townsfolk decided to build a stable for everybody's fine horses, open to all and would help any sick or hurt horse. That's when an old dying sickly man rode into the fine town of armadillo on one scrawny nag. Scrawny Nag a skinny deathly cancerous horse. The old man took his horse to the stables slowly as he got closer the people of Armadillo saw the large bags under his eyes and the look of terror on his face. He gave the horse to the people of Armadillo and left. The next few days were full of death as the people got plagued with the black death and other deathly diseases.
by DogeGamer May 7, 2022
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