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A term used for food generally in the north of England, originally used by the British Royal Navy
Let's go gets some scran, I'm starving
by Boluwatife July 26, 2014
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A Royal Navy definition for food, dating back many, many years.
1. Scran is at 17:00
2. Who has nicked my port and starboard scran spanners (knife and fork)
3. You look like a right scran bag (mixture of food waste)
4. If I don't get some scran down my neck, I am gonna die
by intersimi September 04, 2005
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Scran: This is a word only used by the highest of the intellectual these are normally alpha males wearing gym king or kings will dream tracksuits . They also rip radiators of old people’s homes as a way of marking there territory. This means to eat or eat out a female .
Terry: Ew lenn pal how’s life

Lenn: Class mate just scranned that lasses minge she boqueefioused the dirty slag
Terry: Eyey fucking toppa
by sir_boqueefious September 17, 2018
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Naval slang for food originating from a dish used to stop scurvey - Sultanas Currants Raisans And Nuts

also thought to mean

Shit Cooked by the Royal Australian Navy
mmmmm i could do with some scran
by aklamaml January 31, 2011
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