Saying that your good kinda like straight except more hood and cooler sounding I guess
Friend: you slaaaam you Gucci

You: yeah man I’m scraight

Friend: me too slaaam
by The real names slayer November 26, 2018
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Juggalo Saying meaning , good, great, its good, im good. something like that.
Hey man you wanna hit this shit, yeah man its scraight. or Hey man i Just got laid! Scraight.
by jeffoparnica April 21, 2004
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The sound when Link from the Zelda series swings his sword.
It's often in a line of yells which are screamed by Adult Link in The Ocarina of Time. See hid and sjaad as well
Link: hid scraight hid hiaa hid sjaad
by Hardbass June 2, 2004
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1. The act of being overly intoxicated and your on a whole other level of chillin.

2. Getting high
“Yooo bro I was scraight chillin to much yesterday and I totally forgot how to breathe”

Teacher: why are your eyes red and why are you talking like that.

Me: Mannnn I was just with principal keef and we was scraight chillin under the bleachers
by Scraight chillin January 17, 2022
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1.your good or your straight 2.the opposite of gay. It is derived from the saying queer as a football bat.
1.Are you okay? Yeah man, I'm scraight like a scraightball bat. 2.You're queer as a football bat. No I'm scraight like a scraightball bat.
by Mr. Jizzmeister July 15, 2009
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