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After you meet a girl at the bar or at a party you check her myspace or facebook to make sure she is legit.
"Dude I did some scouting today. That chick seems pretty good."
by Beer-Run July 10, 2008
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scouting is when usually as group or atleast 2 lads go lookin out for "fit" or sexy girls or "birds", aka scouting for girls
1)yo man lets go scouting 2nite
2)yh bro klkl lets go 2 insert place here deres sum fit birds dere blad.
by Jackass 92 [patriot] September 08, 2008
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When a thot is looking for her/his next prey.(someone to go to bed with)
Jenny: Omg! Do u see her/him scouting.
Emily: Yasss! Girl she is so thirsty.
by Og 4 real trap queen July 22, 2015
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When a girl or guy knows he or she is going to end their current relationship soon, and flirts or talks to attractive new people without crossing any lines. They are actively looking for someone new to date or a rebound hookup, and would like to test the waters to see who might be the first pick in the draft.
"Hey, are you talking to Nick? I thought you were still dating Jack."

"I'm not talking to Nick, just scouting for now."
by Ernst Hemingvay June 11, 2016
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To screen a person or persons to see what they are about. What kinda substance are they built of and their value upon your business. A persons character as a whole.

To run a screening on an individual to see proper placement for their personality.
Bitch: Get you some business, stay out of mine.
FlossyJane: I got business, I'm scouting not fanning.

Boy:Why are you constantly trying people out on situations?

FlossyJane: you see... I am scouting them to know their placement better. For When you are amongst intrests, or the place you are at fits to your personality better, you will be more successful and the quality overall will benefit.
by 'Nolia7 March 25, 2017
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