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To terminate the life of a baby seal by violently and repeatedly bashing it on the head with a club.
1. I cannot wait to scote some helpless seals. It's going to be a total scote-fest.
2. Nothing gets me harder than a good old-fashioned scoting.

3. Teabag scoted the baby seal with evil relish, reveling in its agony as it slowly bled out.
by Neel89 March 21, 2011
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A replacement adjective, noun, verb,adverb, pronoun,and subject can be used both postivily and/or negativily depending on ones intention.;universal filler
1. Saje's ideas are freakin Scote, she is a genius.

2. "Scote you, mother scoter!"

3. Rose is so Scote, that every boyfriend she has end up with crabs.
by Sarah Fuller(Saje) October 25, 2007
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A kid who thinks he's a jock and tries to be cool around friends but never hangs with the popular people.
Look at Adam, he's such a Scote.
by Ali B Skeeterman April 09, 2019
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