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A (usually) young "skater" that can't skate at a real skate park using a real skateboard, so they use a razor scooter instead. Cases like this happen because their parents won't buy them a "super cool skateboard for their 7th birthday." Scooter kids are hated all over the skating community. They get in the way of real skaters' tricks, ranging from 2 inch grinds to pop shuvits. They stand in the way and then complain when they get run over and go mouth off to their mommy like the babies they are. No one likes the scooter kid. Don't be the scooter kid.
Skater: *Pushes off and is about to do a grind to ollie 180 landing*
Skater: "Look out you retard!"
Skater: *Crashes into scooter kid*
Scooter kid: *Cry* "Mom get the dinosaur bandaids pls. NOW mom NOW."
Scooter kid's mom: "I should have gotten him a skateboard... or an abortion."
by Skaterguyhatesscooterkids March 23, 2014
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A derogatory term for an ill-mannered child with a scooter at a skate park. Their parents usually take them to skate parks under the impression that it's a playground, when in fact it is a very dangerous place for a small and unexperienced child. A scooter kid has no grasp of the unwritten rules of not being an ass at the skatepark. They regularly cut in front of people (aka snaking) and as a result, they will accidentally get hit by a skater, causing the scooter kid and the skater to fall and get hurt. Scooter kids never admit that they are in the wrong, and they are widely regarded to be a skatepark plague.
Scooter Kid: Why would you hit me? You're so meeeaaan! (Sobs)
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by K A S I A May 27, 2019
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Little kids that buy vans footwear to ride a scooter at parks and streets, and do dozens of tricks that are the same thing with a different name. (They are known to say "I do scooter tricks")
by MittensMemer May 19, 2015
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A stupid child that always gets in skaters way and are extremely annoying.
The stupid scooter kid got in timmys way and now he has a broken arm.
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by AlexPoni April 07, 2020
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