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The condition of an individual after a heavy night of both drug and alcohol consumption, and many many scones. Being far more messed up than 'wasted' and past the euphoria of 'feeling beast'. A term familiar in the north east of Scotland.
Person 1 - "Holy crap dude I'm surprised you're still here"
Person 2 - "What u on about mate I'm feeling beast" *Face still producing 2nd degree gurns*
Person 1 - "I can tell man you look pretty sconed"
Person 2 - "Shit man you're probably right had way too many scones eh, tunes were bangin' though"
Person 1 - "Ken that one mate".
by Dee May June 05, 2015
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A blend between baked and cotton mouth. Being sconed means not only are you very high but also have a very dry mouth, similar to after eating a plain scone.
BL: Want another Coneron?
Me: Nah I'm sconed
by MemeMaestro June 02, 2016
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A cut above the common 'pwned', sconed is the intellectuals variant as it engenders both humiliation for the recipient combined with a small touch of amusement to alleviate any long lasting resentment against the provider of the 'sconing'.
'You have been Sconed!', 'Prepare to be Sconed', 'We WTFSconed that d00d!!!11eleventyone one!'
by Song March 05, 2008
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A more friendly online variation of 'owned'- to be beaten (outdone) by someone or something.

See 'owned' for synonymous defintions.

Fyst totally sconed Floydy in that last game. :)
by Floydy January 18, 2007
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One of the largest disgraces ever to exist on the earth, it is carried out by taking a scone of any flavor and smearing it in a persons face to show offense to them. People will no longer be near the sconed victim, for he has been sconed and must be looked down on. Now every time that person goes to school, the mall, movies, ect...he will be avoided at all costs. He is a cast out.
John: "What did you say about my mom?!"
Kyle: "She a cougar!"
John: "O no you didn't you bout to get sconed!"
(Sconing occurs)
John: "Ahhhh jelly all up in yo' face!!!"
by Sconer2009 May 02, 2009
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To be stoned while eating a scone from Starbucks.

(Not to be confused with the b-tard version of sconed as in pawond.)

*In starbucks eating a pumpkin scone*

Hey Jane Doe I'm stoned.

No John Doe, You're sconed.
by PoshLove March 16, 2009
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A Better way to say "owned" or "pwned"

Started by an insane math teacher playing world of warcraft.
"I just sconed that noob!"

"You got SCONED!"
by Kiduke January 28, 2009
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