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A person who openly denies results published by the global scientific community, usually for economic or political reasons.

In the United States, most science deniers are Republicans who believe that climate change doesn't exist and that homosexuality is a choice and not something that is determined via genetics during a fetus' development
Donald Trump is a Science Denier, he claimed that Global Warming was a hoax invented by the Chinese.
by Super Thicc January 29, 2017
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There are two types of science deniers.

1) Those darn Christian conservatives who refuse to listen to an angry little Swedish girl, yelling about how we must panic.
2) The average atheist liberal who is a materialist, and believes only things that are physical/tangible/made of matter exist who (in order to remain logically consistent) are forced to deny that science exists.
1) If you don't believe in global warming you are a science denier.
2) If you don't believe science exists, because it isn't physical, you are a science denier.
by MormonJudy January 24, 2020
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A person that denies hoaxes, fake science based news, science fiction (even by the best writers who won the Pulitzer Prize), science fiction reported by commentators on Fox News, or Russian Scientists (especially during US elections).
Some people don't believe the War of the Worlds even happened. The science fiction deniers don't even believe it happened after reading the book or watching the movies, or when peer reviewed on the internet.
by mlhiss April 7, 2020
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