Sci-fi shortened form of Science Fiction.
A: Do you like to watch Sci-fi movie?
B: Yes, of course.
by Google assistant March 7, 2022
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Science fiction which can be considered scientifically accurate.
Roman from the show party down who considers himself to be a hard sci fi writer. Roman attempts to get laid but finds himself keeping it real and blowing his chances.

Roman: So, what kind of stuff are you into?

Porn star: I don't know, I like all of it. Especially Dragons.

Roman:Dragons? (sipping drink in disgust) Dragons are fantasy. There's magical talismans' or a magic sword, or wizards, or fucking crazy, not real animals. All these basic things that break the laws of reality; that shits all fantasy. I'm into hard sci fi, fantasy is all bullshit.

Porn star: Um huh. (Leaves the bar)
by FiveStarGA January 9, 2012
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Science fiction that includes worlds, technology, and other types of extensively sophisticated and/or technological themes that are far beyond the scope of a plausible future.
Have you played Star Craft? It's a cool Super Sci-Fi game.
by Timothy Pinesworth May 8, 2009
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Chevelle's 5th album, released August 31st 2009. The first song to be released as a single was "Jars". Sci-Fi Crimes is one seriously badass album.

1) Sleep Apnea
2) Mexican Sun
3) Shameful Metaphors
4) Jars
5) Fell Into Your Shoes
6) Letter From A Thief
7) Highland's Apparition
8) Roswell's Spell
9) Interlewd
10) A New Momentum
11) This Circus
I love my Sci-Fi Crimes album more than my mom.
by jealousykills October 16, 2009
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Sci fi movies and books with an overt sexual titalation componet to the plot or characters

Ie: twilight, underworld, game of thrones, true blood. Or any sci fi themed xxx movie.
That movie turned me on, it was hardcore sci-fi rotica!
by Yonstermonster December 3, 2014
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a cable channel that, despite it's name, has nothing to do with science fiction.
the sci-fi channel consists of only stuff like psychics and LOST.
by Phil the Pill September 9, 2006
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Sci-fi-bi is the act of liking both Star Trek and Star Wars. Both of which are heavily disputed amongst the opposing fans. Someone who is sci-fi-bi does not participate in discussions asking "can Vader crush the entire borg race with his mind?" or "could Captain Kirk kick Luke Skywalker's ass?" Instead, a sci-fi-bi knows that both are of differing worlds and therefore are not able to be compared in any way.
"Which is cooler, Star Trek or Star Wars?"
"I like both...I'm sci-fi-bi."
by Taglar Dreskk February 4, 2010
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