1. (adj.*) A word to use when something is astonishingly cool, fashionable, or popular.

This word really needs no definition, it means exactly what it sounds like and is known in the majority of languages and cultures around the world. (*Also used as an interjection.)

Generally, you may be referred to as "schway" if you roll up to the beach and hop out of your authentic, mint condition 1970's Mystery Machine with a cigar and aviators. This would be accomplished with a simple "...Schwayy...." hiss among groups of young adults. In order to know if you were actually schway, the "schway" should be heard relatively far away. In general, the formula is 5 feet/young adult*1.012^2
A: "Sup bro, I just bought a new 100% real bear fur jacket."
B: "Who do you think you are? Colonel* Schway..?"
*There are different rankings of Schway - e.g: One can be a lieutenant, captain, doctor, officer.**
**Officer Schway takes command.

A: "Man, I get so irritable after hanging out with frat stars at the bar all night"
B: "Maybe we should go smoke - I just bought Season 1 of Batman Beyond"
A: "Schway"

Here's some context in other countries:
A: "Oy bruv, this joint is rinsed"
B: "Grimy! I got Batman Beyond at ma spot"
A: "Schway"

A: "hon hon HON! On etudie a la bibliotheque toujours"
B: "ah oui! bon! allons-y! Le Batman Beyond"
A: "Schway"

Side note: A former accepted usage of "schway" (deprecated in the modern 2013 usage of "schway") is a response someone gives if they don't care what you're talking about. This has been deemed as "just sarcasm" and may be why schway is sometimes INCORRECTLY used or interpreted in non-unanimously awesome situations.)
by Father of Time November 19, 2013
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Schway is from the future meaning cool or epic
Wow that is so schway
by Nora West-Allen July 22, 2021
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Schway means "cool"; "awesome". Also "un-schway" meaning uncool.
1. That toy is so schway.
2. You are so schway.
3. Schway!
4. That is so schway
by Yakub? November 20, 2018
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You may have swagg, but I have schway
by drmudkip September 6, 2011
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cool awesome

N-Cool, good

V-better then someone else
Hey you wanna go to the movies?
Ya that would be schway
Did you see that girl?
Ya oh my god shes got a lot more schway then Katy
by Rebecca Wedig November 23, 2007
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That slut last night gave me some schway head.
by Ziekfried July 11, 2004
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Another word for cool. Generally meaning something is good.

Referring to something as good
John: Sarah said she'd bring beer if we threw a party

Jake: Schway
by Maurice6789 November 23, 2018
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