A system the government came up with to "prepare kids for the adult world," and hoard them with homework and tests so they wont have enough time to party, rebel, break the law, or experiment with drugs (that really worked out huh). oh and also to learn. Do you remember what you learned in Algebra 1 last year?
by TheA+Student May 04, 2011
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School is a place where kids are forced by the law to work and learn. Where you are graded on your intelligence. If you get an F, then that means that either you are a huge IDIOT!!! Or the school is trying to tell you that you are a failure.
SCHOOL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by that dude with that face November 28, 2009
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A place where you spend the first 18 years of your like taking it like a bitch from the school principal because you told your science teacher to screw his gay boyfriend, aka your maths teacher
"whats 1+1?"
"screw you, whore"
*whip whip whip*
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A place where your social life starts AND ends. The place where you find your first crush, and your love. The place where you kick the hell out of the faggot for saying "BEAT IT BUCKO!" The place where you learn good morals and bad morals. The place that determines your job, and future life. The place where you learn useful and nonuseful things.
Kid 1: I like cookies.
Kid 2: I hate school.
Adult: I'm going to kick your whiney asses!!
by Jewel! January 28, 2008
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