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Schoodle is a phenomenon that occurs when you hook up with old friends from your school / college days on an online community / social networking site or in person and you reminisce about incidences shared in the past. Stories, hook-ups, break-ups, crushes, scandals, past hilarities and many such things pertaining to social interactions at the school / college are discussed by a group of people. The verb form of Schoodle is Schoodling.
"Man! I just met the gang from Trinity High and we ended up schoodling all night! I never got so much gossip when I was actually there!"

" I think you should get on to facebook real soon! Patrick started a thread and the entire class of '99 is on a schoodle spree there!"
by Love Junkie November 01, 2009
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Combination of the words "school" and "schedule"
Man, I got a heavy schoodle this semester!", "I gotta hurry up and get my schoodle before classes start!
by jkbrwn August 12, 2010
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noun; 1) a fax machine of Satan that sends flaming sticks of poo to close friends and family.
2) Something that is hardcore shitty.
"Dude," said Jhonny, "my sister is being a schoodle. So far she has sent me 3 flaming sticks of poo."
by King Jooski May 03, 2004
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