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derogatory term for african american or nigger. What makes schmoogie different is that you can say it around blacks and they don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Hey Frank, look at that schmoogie! He's waving at us but doesn't know we're calling him a racist name. Brilliant!
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the piece of shit, low-life race of people, who take other peoples money, live off of welfare, and think they are gangster..these people are also typically called, "nigger"
Look at all the schmoogies in the welfare line, eating chicken and drinking orange drank.
by Steve Washebek December 06, 2006
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An ignorant person of ethnic background who thinks they are of a better class than their peers.
Damn, that schmoogie thinks he's some kind of special...standing there in line with his fake bling expecting handouts for "flood damage" know that fool only got a few drops of water in his basement after a foot of rain...
by one crazy white girl September 19, 2008
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Promotional item, with company logo and contact info, given to promote a company name. Items usually include clothing, hats, pens, office supplies, magnets, etc.
The salesmen were giving out schmoogies to the customers to advertise our name in their office. Putting our name on the schmoogies makes them remember us more than the competition.
by kardiak September 09, 2008
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