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A very independent, hard-working, loyal girl. A Scarlette will never let you down. She will always be there for you no matter what. She is someone who knows what she wants, and will get it. Her charismatic nature is only masked by her intense beauty. You cannot find anyone more beautiful than Scarlette. She will be your best friend, but don't mistake, if you get on her bad side, she will be your worst enemy. She is very capable of making your life a living hell, so do not cross her. But if you do manage to get on her good side, she will be the best friend you will ever have.
That girl Scarlette, she's so beautiful. I love her.
by girlwitharubyearring April 22, 2011
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1: person who is cool
2: person who owns you
Scarlette is queen.
by Scarlette December 21, 2003
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Very weird and unquie. very clumsy and huggy. Acts nice but is really actually evil on the inside. Hates talking on the phone! Strong in Math but horrible at spelling and english! has a HUGE butt but is very beautiful.
*scarlette kicks guy but misses and falls on huge butt*
by cracker4u June 13, 2009
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