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When a person threatens you into doing something or warning you if they mess with them what can happen to you. Sometimes indirectly.
1st person Can you pick up my shoes for me, 2nd person I see if I can . 1st person oh you can do that for me (said venom in the voice, like a crazy lady)? Being said in the sense of if you don't you will be sorry, later on. I don't like your attitude, wow scare tactics. So not cool. Whatever
by Intellectual247 May 11, 2014
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a move used in sports for no other purpose than to try and make the other team a little nehvous
Bonesaw: Dude, why did you miss that spyke?

Dragon: Their scare tactics got to me. I think i pooped myself.
by orangutan_on_turnpike August 19, 2009
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