A clumsy white male with little athletic ability, usually with large feet. Typically terrible at everything, providing little or no value, but occasionally shows random and unexpected flashes of brilliance.
OMFG Brandon made that shot In garbage time?! He better enjoy it because that's the only shot that bonesaw will ever make.
by 30Meserole3 January 10, 2015
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its a sexual position, involving 2 women and 1 man. It is performed in the standing or laying on ones side position. the man is inbetween the two women, and has a strap on strapped to his backside. Then be proceeds to 'do' both women, and the forward and back motion establish the saw part of the word, whereas the erect penis relates to the bone part.
damn i BONESAWWWED those two hotties last night
by bigchit31 July 29, 2005
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Hey freakshow! I've got 3 minutes! 3 minutes of playtime! Bonesaw's ready!
by McCoy March 25, 2004
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In the golden age of the Trailer Trash Era, "BONESAWWWW!!" was a battle cry used to instill fear into an opponent's rivals, causing them either uncontrollable diarrhea, instantaneous paralysis, or instantaneous striptease as soon as the word was spoken.
The boy told his mother he heard a strange yet fierce yell out in the middle of the street. As soon as the mother heard "BUH BUH BUH BONESAWWWWWW" She immediately tossed her clothes off and grabbed her ankles screaming BONESAW!!!
by LOONER May 05, 2004
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1. Verb: To places one's arm pointing dircelty infront of one's body. Then place one's other arm perpendicular to the previously set arm. Then "sawing" one's arm "bone" while proclaiming, "BONESAWWW!" (extra 'W's are necessary")
Motha fucker! I'm gonna fuck you up nigga! BONESAW BITCH! RIGHT UP YO BACK SIDE
by The Azn November 13, 2002
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The act of inserting ones arm into anothers vagina. Unlike fisting the hand is kept open. The person initiating the bonesaw then thrusts their arm back in forth in a sawing motion. While this is all going on the bonesawer is screaming "BONEEEESAWWWW" as loud as they can. This usually results into the one receiving the bonesaw walking very awkward and in a post-sexual manner. Those who are doing the act of bonesaw or being bonesawed are usually called out in school hallways, assemblies, or public places from those yelling "BONEEESAWWW" very loudly and obnoxiously while bonesawing their own arm up in the arm for all to see.
Guy 1-"I bonesawed the shit out of Peggy last night. I think I tore her to shreds with my arm."

Guy 2-"I'm gonna tell everyone to throw up bonesaw at her and you at school tomorrow"
by cburg17 October 25, 2010
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