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A crime or action that is morally wrong or legally wrong, figuratively. Scandal but with a more slanderous connotation
Tana: Did you just step on my Stephen Curry 65โ€™s!!!!
Bella: Yes. Is there a problem??
Tana: What is this scandalery?? *slaps a hoe*
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by TanaThot69 July 27, 2018
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1)False claims made to get clout
2)False claims made to ruin someoneโ€™s reputation
3)When the truth gets thrown at you but you canโ€™t accept it
Ryland: where are all of the la-croix?
Morgan: I threw them out cus theyโ€™re disgusting
Ryland: you did not. What is this scandalery?
by TanaThot69 July 28, 2018
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