Scaboosh is a word that means anything. You can use scaboosh when you run out of adjectives while making a sentence.
You are a scaboosh person. It could mean "you are a nice or good person"
This is a scaboosh reason to act this way. it could mean "this is a bad reason to act this way"
Hi, you look scaboosh this morning. it could mean " hi, you look beautiful or ugly this morning"
by Tracious February 21, 2019
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Scaboosh Kadoosh is most likely the password for Area 51. If you say it at the entrance, it is sure to get you in. If you have suspicions someone is an alien, say Scaboosh Kadoosh and watch them react in terror.
Emily I think Bart might be an alien.
Elise Scaboosh Kadoosh
Bart *Runs away*
Emily Yeah, definitely an alien.
by SuperRandomBlueCat November 6, 2019
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