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Scaboosh Kadoosh is most likely the password for Area 51. If you say it at the entrance, it is sure to get you in. If you have suspicions someone is an alien, say Scaboosh Kadoosh and watch them react in terror.
Emily I think Bart might be an alien.
Elise Scaboosh Kadoosh
Bart *Runs away*
Emily Yeah, definitely an alien.
by SuperRandomBlueCat November 6, 2019
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Imagine Obama as a boomerang. That’s exactly what an obamarang is. It is the most powerful thing ever created and has he ability to destroy galaxies in a single hit. Be sure not to get on it’s bad side.
Emily- You are ugly
Rose- Don’t make me use the obamarang on you
Emily- oh fuck I’m sorry
by SuperRandomBlueCat November 8, 2019
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