He needs to tie his shoelaces and get in, we forgot the percs. But Gregory has velcro straps. Gregory is a material gworl. It will be hard for him, but he needs to vent. He needs to not look, as the fazballs are out. Gregory needs to stop gaslight gatekeep girlbossing, he turned himself into a pickle.
Some examples of Gregory (sb)

Freddy: “Gregory, we need to leave. I forgot the percs”

Freddy: “Come on Gregory, tie your shoes, we’re leaving.”
Gregory: “I don’t have shoelaces tho”
Freddy: “Are those…velcro straps..?”

Freddy: “Gregory. Do you see the small vent on the floor? Have you ever heard of among us Gregory?”

Freddy: “Oh! Don't- D- Don’t look Gregory!! My fazballs are out!!!!!”

Freddy: “Gregory..Stop gaslighting me…”
Gregory: “But freddy..gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss.”

Freddy: “Gregory, have you heard of rick and morty? He turned himself into a pickle
by Gingerbravesmirk February 16, 2022
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The involuntary testicular shrivel accociated with the witness of injury
“I just got some Sympathetic Ball Shrink (SBS) watching that skater fall”
by Jomonster July 19, 2018
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