The second sexiest man alive, behind dwayne Johnson but also is fufu
That guy is a Sayd. Might be better than cake
by Wagwanfam23 October 16, 2019
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Sayde is a super hot Italian chick that loves animals! She has a really cool personality and an awesome style. Sayde is not afraid to be herself. When you get to know her she has a kind heart and will make you laugh. Sayde knows exactly what she wants in life and will make sure she gets it. She is nice most times but she has big mood swings. One tiny thing can ruin her day. Boys that will make her laugh, show that they care about her, and have a good time with her, have her heart. Once she has a crush, it will take a while for it to go away. Although Sayde attracts a lot of men, she does not realize it.
Wow look! Is that Sayde?
by Sayde definition September 24, 2018
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Sayde is a frickin awesome italian chick who it hackin hilarious.
Sayde also is BOMB at softball.
"DAYYYUM, did you see sayde? She's so FOOOINE!"
by Sayde June 22, 2008
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SayDe’s are very sweet and can love animals and I mean LOVE! They can be great at gymnastics. And she can have many many friends! She loves her family and friends and doesn’t want to lose them! She can be annoying but can be the light of your life. If you lose her you won’t never forgive yourself!
Me: Hey SayDe what is your fav animal?
SayDe: oh I like monkeys and I like dogs, cats , giraffes, hippos ,-

by 101GIRLLLL101 March 30, 2019
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S.A.Y.D. is an acronym that stands for Sorry About Your Dick.

It infers that someone is compensating for having a small penis.
Example 1 The guy driving the Porche should have changed his license plates to read SAYD.

Example 2 The group of guys from Open Carry Texas walked into a Target store with assault rifles slung on their shoulders because their mother never appologized to them saying, 'Oh Sweetie, I'm so Sorry about Your (little) Dick.'
by brettbum June 6, 2014
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You ain’t funny sayd boi
Get off twitter sayd boi
by TrayshImposter January 30, 2020
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