shorthand for openly carrying a firearm in public.
Tom is a strong supporter of Open Carry, even wearing a visible pistol for a day at the beach.
by DrTodd March 15, 2009
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Open Carry is the practice of carrying a sidearm in public. It is usually used in reference to civilian people carrying weapons in public places, as opposed to law enforcement or active duty military personnel on their regular duties.

Open Carry allows people to carry larger pistols than what would be otherwise physically possible with a CCW (concealed weapons permit). It also allows people to carry larger carbines, shotguns, and rifles, that would otherwise be impossible to conceal in public due to barrel length laws.

The two downsides of open carry are drawing attention to your firearm, and the risk of having someone attack you to gain access to your gun. This is one of the reasons prison guards do not carry firearms when surrounded by prisoners. It is also a reason why many sheriffs deputies are banned from carrying weapons while in a courtroom.

Open carry generally requires less permits than concealed carry, but can create unusual situations in many areas of the United States. Open carry is not widely accepted in all US States.

Open carry is not common outside of the US in other western nations. It is more widespread in destabilized countries lie Iraq.
John open carried his Kimber Custom II 1911 when he went to Taco Bell for a quick burrito after church. Margret, the cashier, wondered at why he would keep a $1500 pistol on the side of his belt. The checkered walnut and stainless slide of the weapon alerted everyone around him that he was armed, but John was used to openly carry, and stoic to the muted stares that seemed to follow his waist.

Margret shrugged, and thought to herself, "At least he did not open carry a M-14 rifle like the last person in line."
by Mr. Rogers saved Taco Bell November 29, 2015
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A person of girth carrying armloads of giant drinks, buckets of well buttered popcorn, etc. from a movie theater concession stand. They can usually be seen lumbering through the lobby or fighting gravity on the slope of the theater aisle as they deliver their bounty to appreciative partakers.
Big Ron always volunteers to do the concession open carry since there's no take out bags.
by Dragonsphir November 28, 2016
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