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Two cringey 6th graders put together that make a cute couple
"They're a Savis"
by sofi the meme September 16, 2017
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Sam Takojeff is not savy.
by colleenmohin November 21, 2008
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Savy's are very HOT!! they are the hottest people alive!! Savy's always have a man right there and if you are dating a Savy you should not EVER let herr go (they are special and a one of a kind) they often date sk8ter boys!! Savy's are HOT, cute, athletic, VERY romantic, and always think that the boys should make the move first!! they hav there blond moments but nobody really cares they just think its cute! savy's usually wear short shorts or mini skirts! Savy's are HUGE PARTY ANIMALS!!! if theres a party ..... its not a party unless a savy is there!anyways..... all together Savy's are HOTT, party animals, cute, romantic, and like to get freaky with sk8ter boys!!<3
DAMN!! that girl is soooo HOT!! she's definately a Savy!

that girl on the dancefloor relly knows how to move.. shes a Savy!

DANG! that girl is so fine! ..... good thing im a sk8ter boy or else i wouldnt have a chance with her... shes a savy!!!!
by skateordie is all me July 7, 2009
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that is so savy!
by maureen dacek January 10, 2004
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A substitute for 'hell' in 'What the hell'
Can also be used for 'what the heck' or 'What the fuck'
by m_uzumaki October 8, 2008
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Makes endless love to Hindu vampire seahorses and occasionally does the dirty with two hump camels.
by Andrew Marerz May 6, 2008
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to be hot and horny! To have a massive erection. To have a throbbing cock!?!
Luke's johnson is very SAVY!
by Colby J November 10, 2006
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