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A really beautiful, gorgeous girl who has an awesome personality. She has a super nice body (especially the legs!!) and she's the girl who gets chased down by boys. Saungah also has a lot of very close friends.
Man! That girl is a Saungah! She is so popular and beautiful!
by OhyouknowwhoIam May 22, 2013
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Someone you meet and get attached to instantly. The most unique personality anyone can ever encounter. Saungah is a type of person who is almost always sure of herself, and speaks her mind directly and honestly. Because Saungah is so friendly and comfortable being the center of attention, she has a large circle of friends. Saungah also possesses so much personal magnetism that almost everyone (excluding the ones who are jealous) respond to her and listen to her all the time. Saungah is also the type of person who will make you laugh when your about to cry and isn't afraid to be herself. She's absolutely beautiful and has a stunning body that every girl envies. She's always smiling or laughing, and just being around her makes you a happier person. She gets all A's and has a voice of an angel. She is more flexible than more than half of the cheer leading squad and is crazy athletic for a girl. Overall, she's just perfect.
Girl: I don't like the way that girl goes around
Guy: That's a Saungah you're talking about. You're just jealous if her aren't you?
Girl: nooooo. -rolls eyes-
by Justanotheradmkrer December 17, 2013
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