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A conjoined word for a famous Hollywood couple. It is the combination of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. (The "S" from Simon and the "aula" from Paula)

Mr. Cowell and Ms. Abdul are two of the four judges on the hit television reality show called American Idol.

Almost from the beginning of the show, there have been rumors about the two judges having some sort of secret romantic relationship offscreen, due to their constant flirting and their general behavior towards each other on camera.

Nowadays they are both single, but thus far have not given any indication of becoming an item, despite various references to each other that imply something more than a friendly relationship.
Paula Abdul: I have to admit, I was cracking up watching the "Saula" videos- I guess Simon and I do make a pretty cute couple, lol!
by cotton*mary July 05, 2009
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saula: Term originating from relationship between American Idol judges Paula Abdul & Simon Cowell.

Used to describe:

1. Two people that appear to have high chemistry, and based upon such chemistry should be or are a couple.

2. Two people that appear to have very opposite personalities but when put together create a balance and should be or are a couple.

3. Two people that appear to others as having noticeably strong sexual tension.

4. Combination of any or all of the above.
are you in love like saula is?
saula are the perfect couple!
by saulaluv April 14, 2006
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