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sau.geen hall saw-geen mate-land hall
- noun, singular
The largest Canadian housing institution of the highest order.

Style: Traditional
Building Opening:1969 (The day the earth stood still) 69: Just saying ;P
Floors: 36 Saugeen: 1-9 Lower, Middle, Upper; Maitland: A-C Lower, Middle, Upper
Dining Hall: Open seven days a week (Known for its waffle bars and wide selection of Gelattos)
Population: 1252 specimens

Staff: 2 Residence Managers, 12 Dons, 24 Residence Advisors, 2 Academic & Leadership Programmers, 1 Assistant Programming Coordinator (PROPS TO THEM ALL)
Washrooms: 2 per floor, both equipped with urinals.

Attractions: Sexual intercourse in public areas, Viral stripper acts, Cutlery theft from the cafeteria, Out of control parties and (according to David Letterman) One of the most popular places to get knocked up. It has also been widely known to house some of the most good looking people known to all of mankind.

Also popularly known as:
- Animal House
- The Zoo
- Jungle Party
e.g: Saugeen - Maitland Hall

1. Saugeen-Maitland's so hot right now. SOOO HOTTT
2. Deep in the heart of the Western Jungle, you can hear the Saugeen rumble. OOH AHH ooh ah, OOH AHH ooh ah.

3. Hey, Saugeen, Red, Yellow, Green, the best res at Western that you've ever seen.

by The Jungle Beast October 12, 2010
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