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A legal move in amateur wrestling that was originally called the "double grapevine."

A Saturday night ride is usually accomplished in these steps:
1) The wrestler takes his opponent to his back, wraps both legs around his opponent's legs, and spreads them out wide.
2) The wrestler on top arches his back and presses his chest and hips down into his opponent in order to hold him down on the mat.
3) The wrestler on top wraps both of his arms around his opponent's arms, or grabs one of his oppponent's arms and wraps his other arm around his opponent's head and pulls it up.
4) With both legs trapped and with his whole body held down, the wrestler on bottom can't do anything to escape. When the wrestler on top holds both his shoulders or shoulder blades down on the mat long enough, the wrestler on bottom is pinned and the other dude wins.
5) If a wrestler does this move well enough, it's not only a guaranteed pin, but also a good way to own and embarrass the other dude, if you want to do that.

Since the Saturday night ride has both wrestlers flat on the mat with their legs and arms wrapped around each other, it often looks like a sexual position, hence the name.

The move is also known as the "Saturday night," the "double grapes," the "angel," or the "honeymooner."
Last week, Jake faced a tough opponent on the wrestling mat named Mike. Mike kept pissing him off by always trying to out-muscle him, so Jake found a way to take care of him. When Mike got tired late in the third period and couldn't make any more moves, Jake took him to his back and pinned him with the "Saturday night ride."
by JohnnyL0202 June 29, 2013
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An illegal wrestling move in which a wrestler jams their thumb up the butt of their opponent to distract and discomfort them.
Mark always joked that Andrew should use the Saturday Night Ride to win his wrestling matches.
by Widddy July 10, 2008
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Is when you sit on someones chest and alternate left and right punches to the face.
I told him not to mess with that crazy mick, every weekend he puts somebody in the saturday night ride.
by Johnny1131 December 25, 2009
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