Noah: Yo kyLe what day is it.
kyLe: it’s SatErday bro.
by Mopw May 20, 2018
a day of the week, it occurs previously to friday and sunday follow
guy:hey hayley what day is it?
hayley: it is satERday
by someone smarterer then you. April 29, 2011
Group of guys who get together on sat to gamble on the course and get fucked up in the 19th. Makes the Ryder cup look like a walk in the park. Old bitches just love the group...especially D-Barb on Jack and Cokes.
Saterday Cup crew is off the handle again on the patio Denzil. I think this time it's really out of control... we're out of Jack.
by wwmeb August 30, 2006
The Saterday night special is a joint rolling technique in which you use 3 papers to produce a large either cylindrical or cone shaped Marijuana cigarette.
Yo son, I just rolled the fattest saterday night special, lets go toke it in the treehouse!
by Billy hall July 3, 2006
A cheap pistol comonly purchased from gangsters and mexicans in back allies. It is worthless for anything except bar fights and back fires.
Dude why'd you get a saterday night special.
by EAO February 5, 2008