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to call a customer service rep and be extremely rude.
I was a total Sasha while was on the phone with Comcast - its not my fault they dont speak english
by shortstack84 August 27, 2014
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to like mooses more than any other animal
girl1: MOOSE!!!
girl2: oh you love mooses?
girl1: yeah more than i like FROGS!
girl2: your a SASHA then!
by biebersbiatch August 21, 2011
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A girl who enjoys giving and receiving golden showers.
Ew, that dog just peed on me!" "Haha, you just got Sasha'd!
by Abby.J July 09, 2011
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"Sasha" is generally used to describe some one with monkey like features (such as big ears) and tends to be a little bitch about everything.
Sasha: HEY GUYS! whats crackin mains?!

People: Sasha go home, your white and gay.
by Harold Smithsonian August 15, 2008
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Someone who has no etiquette and can only communicate via shouting. Their vision is skewed and biased and they seem to think they are above all. This type of person may be found in many different communities but tends to exist within the Malyalam ethnic group. It would be advisable to avoid "Sashas" for they could easily wreak havoc within your previously stable and calm life.
"That person is such a sasha! Watch out!"
person 1- "What's happened to you all of a sudden? Why are you so depressed?"
person 2- "I came across a Sasha"
person 1- "Shit."
by theinnocentkid June 07, 2013
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