A person that does not drink alcoholic beverages.
Bill: Hey, it's beer O'clock and I'm knackered. Lets go get a drink.
Jim: Sorry mate, I don't drink.
Bill: OK, maybe next time.

... later
Bill: Hey Bruce, that new bloke at work.. Jim .. did you know he is a sarsaparilla?
Bruce: Really? Man, that is so weak.
by kerneld August 6, 2009
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When an athlete who loses a competition in his select sport, (such as a tennis match) reaches into his pants and smothers his hand with his ball sweat (without being noticed) and shakes the other competitors hand.
Yo I gave that guy a sarsaparilla because I lost.
by [KiG] Sticks April 19, 2006
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When two men are showering together and a third man is in the same bathroom, taking a hot shit.
"Chad and Aric were showering together but Brian needed to use the bathroom to pinch a steamy loaf. He didn't even wait for them to finish before he barged in and starting dropping one in the shitter! It was sarsaparilla circus!"
by SquintyJones September 6, 2017
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The most delicious sarsaparilla drink in existence. Made in China. Ten times more delicious than American "Root beer."
by Samui Kitsune December 3, 2007
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