The name Sarci is given to the Lengest Yutes. People named sarci usually have big long dicks and is a player so watch out for 9 inches in your girl.They usually have a lot of friends and are ripped so they can put up a fight. They have tight abs mostly and make themselves know.
Shaniqua: Sarci is so leng i want that choclate dick in my throat.
Asia: nah he's mine imagine squirting on that
Kiara: he's dick can go through all of us so Lennnnggg!
by 420train choo chooo September 3, 2019
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Abbreviation for sarcastic, or the word used by a dumbshit who can't spell scary right.
Kim:Why do you always have 2 be so sarcy?
Tim:I'm not i'm being scary.GRRRRRRRR!!
by hannah_da_freek March 26, 2005
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The correct abbreviation of sarcastic. SARCasm becomes SARCy.
Person 1: 'Funtastic'
Person 2: 'No it isnt'
Person 1: 'I was being sarcy'
by Joe Grocott April 6, 2008
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A girl who looks like a guy pretending to be a female.
She's pretty.
What? You mean HE's pretty because that's a sarci!
by Tenshun June 13, 2013
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P1; 'Fall out boy are amaaazing' *rolls eyes*

P2; 'stop being sarcie'
by Cute isn't what I aim for August 20, 2009
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to kill a trendy new joke by overusing it to a pulp
Person 1:"Hey man, did you hear about that new joke everybody was using its funny af"
Person 2: "Yeah, but the joke is dead now it was Sarcid"
Person 1: "Damn Sarci-ing to kill a trendy new joke by overusing it to a pulp"
by Antd24 January 25, 2018
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