is so awesome that weak people are jealous of her. she got haters, thank God! it means she's real.. it's ok she loves them too.. Sarai is lager than life and a self made woman. all they have is a bad attitude and a keybord.. so when you handle someones insecure bullshit with grace that is called a Sarai... also see amazing bubble booty..
that guy was freaking out over minutia, yelling at everyone.. but i handled it like a Sarai and just told him if he can't control himself maybe he should buy a computer so he can blast on the internet from a safe distance like the weak coward he is..
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by mmm h8eraid February 26, 2016
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Sarai means my princess.She is a funny kind girl who puts others first and dosent take no for an answer.

Sarai is defientetly(idk how to spell)the kind of person who will wreck you at any thing imaginable.She is the most beautiful girl and likes to shake the haters off cause they are all just jerks looking for attention.She knows how to treat a man and is not out for a one night stand but a true soul-mate to help her through rough times.

Sarai is very much very popular in all ocasions.She likes to think about living while your still young and never putting her life on hold.

If your luck enough to meet a girl called Sarai make sure to charish that moment and make last a lifetime.Also has a big butt.
by GrimeJr November 10, 2018
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If your name is Sarai, you are like sunshowers and sour patch kids. Sarai has the brightest smile and the scariest voices. When I'm looking for a well-thought perspective on anything, Sarai is the perfect person to go to. She is the perfect example of an empathic scientist, which is a gift to be given in one's lifetime. She is a patient friend who naturally protects and cares for others, while learning to protect and care for herself. If you aren't multi-faceted and epicurean, you're not a Sarai.
Me: Hey Sarai, do you remember when you could just buy a Lisa Frank book at the dollar store?
Sarai: Yessss, I loved Lisa Frank!! It sucks that it's so hard to get ahold of now :(( Let's look for it?
Me: OOOO! Do you remember the journals they had with the changing sequins?
Sarai: OMG yes! They did it better than anyone has in the last 12 years

*fangirl and sigh with nostalgia*
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by mapoop May 12, 2021
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this is a type of girl that you want to meet no matter what. shes some what dumb but you'll love her any way. you gotta meet this girl she'll change you.
damn that girl is a sarai
by there is problemss February 15, 2009
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My homie, a chilled person, a nice friend, helping me rule the world and how to adventure. She likes dancing in pointy shoes. Music wise she likes clam rock and a little metal. This is my homie sarai.
Sarai my homie
by PotatoPerson21 March 28, 2019
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One of Sarai’s best quotes are: “Hey bestieeeee!”. She’s uses at least 10 emojis in each text,and isn’t afraid to be extra-loud in public. Sarai’s a pretty chill person,and Sarai is good at art. They have random quotes and odd humor,but you’ve gotta love em.

Sarai: aAaaaAaah-
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by Alyssa :’) June 02, 2021
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