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She is a beautiful gurl that you would live to meet she doesn't like when you mess with her men she will cut you (have been warned) they r insecure but they don't know it they are beautiful but don't like to admit it .she doesn't make friends Fast 💨.she is the best girl and weirdest girl you will meet but it's with meeting one and if you do keep her close
Damnnn who's that

Oh that's Sanyia

Look at dat ass
by Sanyia I love u January 13, 2017
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Let's be honest meeting a Sanyia can be a lot of work but when u meet one u will fall in love. She s everything u want in a women . She has the whole package butt,tits,hips,and looks. She keeps it real she doesn't keep anything low key.
Have you seen that fine piece of ass lately

Are you talking about Sanyia

Yeah that hottie with the body
by Dude that loves a body July 02, 2017
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Crazy ass female that always will have her friends back. She is a ride or die type of girl. Can be ditzy at time but her looks make up for it. Usually light skin with curly hair. her looks making any man fall in love at first sight. Very book smart but when it comes to the streets she doesn’t know as much as she makes it seem. Insecure at time , relying on people around her to reassure her on her beauty. Keeps her circle small and usually hang out with people on a lower social class as herself. but don’t get me wrong when u meet one you will fall in love.
Girl1:You see sanyia the other day

Girl2: nah why

Girl1:she was looking so pretty
by beauty analysis March 17, 2019
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