Interesting, shocking. Short for spanish "interesante."
"You just cost us 3 million dollars!!!"
by Eggzilla March 23, 2007
Completing a Xbox 360 title by obtaining all the achievements for that game, original or any issued through downloadable content.
Man, it took me only a week week, but I finally SANTED Fable II.
by robertj15 October 30, 2008
big things,big house,big cars, big balls, big bomb muscles,super funni people, love music an bomb stuff yadig? also u know ur a santes when you make everybody laugh smile and u dont get along with fake ass people an backstabbin bitches but u do pray for them because even fake ass bitches need help. can i get an amen!
''Dam that waz such a santes sex session we just had''
''i love santes sex its the shit''.
by David69boy September 9, 2010
anonymous word, used for anything; such as a piece of shit, a girls pussy, or a mans dick
look at that piece of sant on the road. that guy has a big sant.
by savannah August 16, 2003
The same thing as cunt or slut.
That sant needs to watch her back.
by khuitchh April 11, 2007
Sant(Saint) Jarnail Singh Brar is the greatest Khalsa of the 20th century, he and his 200 warriors eliminated 1000 invading enemy soldiers while being armed with nothing but World War 2 era weapons. He went out in a hail of bullets while charging his enemies, who shot him 100 times with automatic machine guns. 200 Lions vs 10,000 hyenas.

"Physical death I do not fear, but death of conscience is a sure death."

- Sant Jarnail Singh Brar
by TheOnesThatDon'tBleed July 29, 2022