Known as an infectious disease, which causes stalking, drooling, amazing tuesdays, and laughing your ass off. Santagato has been isolated to a small area in New York known as Astoria named as being start of infection. The quarantine area currently holds approximately 192,000 patients in counting, but is quickly spreading to Canada and Asia. Signs and Symptoms of Santagato are classified as follows:

In Teens:

1. Best Tuesdays Ever
2. Stalking

3. Tweeting, and being a fan of Santagato

4. Claiming to not stalk

In Adults:

1. All of the above

2. Seeing their children on the internet a lot more than often
3. You refer to yourself as a Santagato Fan Mom
4. Constantly asking who this Joe fellow is

If you see Santagato or any signs of Santagato, keep watching and hopefully the level of attractiveness will go away. Santagato has been known to infect people within 5 minutes. Once you have experience Santagato you cannot be cured. Just like herpes, it will keep coming back.
I went to Astoria and totally got Santagato'd.
by ChaMarJan August 7, 2012
Leaving downtown New York to an upper-class suburban area and paying $457 for a hair cut that looks like a 7 year old who wouldn’t sit still in the barbers chair.
Danny would rather leave New York than be forced by his employer to get The Santagato.
by kwill2 January 19, 2021