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During sexual intercourse, someone simply applys a jam or a spread to the gooch. Most commonly, goat cheese and chives spread. After this takes place, the cheesmonger (the personnel laying down the pipe) will consume the meal on ones taint.
Last night she let me partake in the activity SandyMcTaint on her gooch.
by Corn nut Cheney March 08, 2018
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Remember when you were 6 with those little mesh intiriors inside you’re bathing suit? Then you go to the beach get some sand in your gooch and then get some awful chafe on your cock and taters? That’s SandyMcTaint

SandyMcTaint is best treated by clearing the gooch of sand particles and then follow that with a towel to dry off. Proceed by applying gold bond body powder.

Should be good as new in 2-3 days.
Man, I have some awful SandyMcTaint on my genitals.
by Corn nut Cheney May 09, 2018
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