A situation where the politics related to that specific issue cause so much controversy in the media and society and bickering between the various political parties over what is, how serious it is, and how to address it that it is almost impossible to grasp what really happened in that situation because you are unable clearly see what occurred.
Person 1: It is hard tell what is really happened in regards to whether or not Russia intelligence hacked into the U.S. election in order to manipulate the results.

Person 2: It is still hard tell what happened even today because of how the politicians and society responded. The political sandstorm related to that issue will likely not wear off for quite some time.
by Vanguard 1998 January 23, 2021
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It very fun, the decoration is awesome, gameplay is inspired by Black Blizzard, it is enjoyed by lots of players, examples are AeonAir, reizor, npesta and many more, it is made and verified by crohn44 (corn 44) in the popular platformer-rythm game Geometry Dash, it is rated as the Extreme Demon difficulty (man thats so fucking hard tho), it is placed in the 57th place in the official Demon List of the game, the song used is Outlaw by Creo, no, not think in spanish, his name is creo, the level ID is 55547703, even KrmaL likes it!
This level is absolutely amazing. I love everything about it. The gameplay, the decoration, the theme, the song. Everything works together to create a masterpiece of an extreme demon. Sunset Sandstorm by crohn44 is easily one of the most underrated extreme demons in geometry dash. It's grindy, and tests your patience, but holy shit is it worth it. Please try it if you can.

Level: Sunset Sandstorm
Creator: Crohn44
Difficulty: Extreme Demon
List placement: 50

-AeonAir on the 5th March of 2021
by phoboslol June 22, 2021
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Meaning that someone is tight with money and is just a down right fuckhead, they generally have a lot of money too. Pricks
"Wife" we need bread, we're out of it
"Tight cunt" how much is it?
"Wife" €5
"Tight cunt" no we will survive without it
"Wife" Jesus your tighter than a camels hole in a sandstorm ya prick
by Bum_man July 17, 2021
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when you masturbate too much and you just nut air
So a guy named 'tears' went too heavy on pornhub and got a case of dutch sandstorm

- dutchcollegeslave, Chaturbate Raven_Alternative (Christian Streamer)
by Lenovhoe December 19, 2020
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