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Spanish slang used in Mexico and by Mexican-Americans to mean cheating girlfriend/wife. The word is used in Texas, California, and New England to describe an elite group of young, sexy, stylish, intelligent, fun-loving and outrageously cool women and gay men who share a deep, long-rooted friendship that survived the physical distance imposed on them over time and the many, many men (both Joe and jerks) in their lives. Known by code names amongst themselves, they may gossip for fun, but they love each other like sisters. Their party invitations are sought after, their clothing is inspired, their memories are hilarious, their adventures are legendary, and their combined force is intensely powerful. Young Sanchitas typically drink excessive amounts of Arbor Mist, but those in their late twenties are known to prefer Yellow Tail Shiraz after ritually shouting, "Shiraz!" in a bad Australian accent, enjoy expensive martinis in upscale clubs, and one is rumored to abstain from drinking, replacing alcohol with expensive hashish and cigarettes.
A bland, dimwitted, and envious girl at club says to a bartender, "Why are those girls in the VIP section?"
The bartender shoots her a warning look and hisses, "Shh, the men buying them drinks keep this club afloat because they're frakking Sanchitas, and if one of them overhears you and you don't leave, Straussen is going to tazer you after the others shred your self esteem."
by 7ofRhymes June 19, 2011
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