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Nickname for the NBA's darlings, the San Antonio Spurs. Given the "Stern" label because of NBA commissioner David Stern's affinity for the team.
How could Duncan flagrantly foul someone like that and the Sterns not get a single call against them?
by Jay Hoover December 24, 2004
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Name given to the best team in the NBA for the last 10 years due to their dominance in the playoffs. Most people who call them this are loser Phoenix Fans whose team has never won shit due to the fact they have no balls. The 'Sterns" part is given in reference to the fact that these idiotic fans think David Stern actually favors them which is complete lunacy.
Damn San Antonio Sterns beat my Suns again. Davis Stern must be jumping for joy.
by spurfan July 22, 2008
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Name giving to the San Antonio Spurs by jealous, embarassed Phoenix Suns fans. Name first came up after Robert Horry hip checked a flopping Steve Nash into the boards in the 2nd round of the 2007 NBA Playoffs. That altercation resulted in some players from the Suns, who were not in the game, to run to the aid of Steve Nash. Those Players were Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw. This act caused their suspension due to the rule that a player not in the game cannot leave the bench area during an altercation between players in the game. Apparently people in Phoenix believe this rule, which has been in place for years, did not apply to their players. In the following pivotal game the Phoenix Suns, without 2 of their star players, blew a 17 point lead in the 3rd quarter and lose effectively sealing their fate and lose the series in 6. It is believed by these idiotic fans that the fix was in and NBA Commisioner David Stern ordered Diaw and Stoudemire's suspension in order to have San Antonio win the series. Despite being ahead in most of the series games and then blowing the lead Phoenix Suns fans believe that their loss in this series was the work of a higher power totally ignoring their teams inefficiencies and lack of spirit while brushing aside the Spurs prowess and experience.
Those damn San Antonio Sterns got so lucky they suspended Amare or we would have won in 5.
by dirtyspursfan July 23, 2008
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