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A dietary staple of McGill University students used to end student debt, support charities, spread love, happiness, and friendship, basically to change the world. The Mose is the answer to all of life's questions, the peanut butter to jelly, the Whip to the Nay-Nay. Most importantly, it allows McGill's community to gather through the wonderful Facebook network that is Samosa Search.
"can someone pls hit me up with a st bio confir-mose-ion"


"Samosa Sean here to save the day"
by SamosaSearcher February 28, 2016
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Indian savory pastries filled with curry, generally potato curry. Quite possibly the most perfect things ever created by humankind, they are a treat for all occasions and a cure for all ills. Well, except violent gastrointestinal upset due to overconsumption, and we won't do that again now will we? Needless to say, they're radtastic.
Sometimes when I try to imagine what God looks like all I see is a samosa.
by Kayl April 08, 2008
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Food of choice for FOBs and ABCDs alike. Spicy potatoe wrapped in spicy outer laying. Usually an appetizer.
Rajiv: Oh Parvinder yar, the samosas are boiling it up in here! FOBULOUS!

Parvinder: Thats right! Increase the volume please!
by Zam January 18, 2004
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a very nice curry treat which my ancestors loved for ages. we still cook it for maharajah temple cermemonies .. very good, i suggest you try it
my brother cooked one damn good samosa today...
by Navdeep September 26, 2006
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"Wow that is a nice samosa. I want that."

"i was in the club gettin alot of samosa on the dance floor."

"My girlfriend has a nice samosa."
by Neel Vora January 10, 2006
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